• Leading factories and sites with up to 650 employees and up to 110 million € turnover in the international automobile and general industry
  • Overall responsibility at sites for production, administration and service departments
  • Strong in analysis, optimization and restructuring of complex organization units
  • Successful and experienced in change of mindset and structure
  • Several successful foreign assignments in the function as managing director und plant manager
  • Distinctive experience in intercultural cooperation between international sites
  • Experienced in problem and conflict solving as well as consequent leadership of employees
  • Break up of set structures in operative and administrative areas
  • Calm and successful – also in tricky situations and times of troubleshooting
  • Sustainably successful by making use of the very fast ability of perception and integration in optimization of processes, process flow and organizational structures
  • Transition from traditional shop production to contemporary production using optimization of material flow up to line production by applying standard methods such as Kanban, Six Sigma, 5S, SMED, ripcord and PDCA
  • High acceptance and fast integration on all levels of employees without assimilation but rather openness, consistency, pragmatism and hands-on mentality
  • Ensuring open, trustful and binding communication across factories within and between different disciplines and management levels
Tools and Technologies


Toyota production system / Toyota Kata / 5S / TPM / SMED / Value Stream Mapping / Kanban / Rip cord principle / Supermarkets / Continuous improvement / Six Sigma


All chip removing processes / Stamping / Metal forming / Aluminum die casting / Welding / Brazing / Thermal coating / Lasing / Assembly / Geological earth drilling