Service Range

Employees involvement / Mindset changing
My value-based, consistent and transparent management style as well as my skillful hand for employees quickly creates trust in your team and also opens your employees to new paths and changes

Vacancy filling
My technical sophistication as an engineer, my quick comprehension and over 30 years of management experience enable me to get to YOUR topic very quickly and "securely in the saddle"

Site integration in the group / Intercultural cooperation
My neutral, also intercultural openness as an external person leads to faster integration, even across country and mentality borders

Restructuring / reorganization
The implementation of restructuring and reorganization measures usually have uncomfortable to unpleasant consequences for your employees. It is all the more important not only to be consequent in such situations, but also to be fair and respectful

Reorientation / organizational optimization
Creating an understanding that ALL your employees are value-added service providers also makes it possible to organize and implement end-to-end processes and responsibilities right through to line production

Optimization of process and process flow
Through intensive and consequent shop floor management involving all areas and levels, I am able to stabilize and optimize your complex and unstable processes sustainable

Lean LIVING, not just doing / shop floor management
With a minimum presence of 70% on your shop floor, I will show your employees the difference between “living lean” and “doing lean” hands-on and pragmatically

I promise you not quantity but strong quality

  • Introducing of team spirit
  • Integration of sites into concerns
  • Personal leadership including personal adaptation
  • Organizational optimisation
  • Change management
  • Negotiating and converting of flexible working time models / new compensation model / trade union restructuring agreement
  • Process and process sequence optimisation
  • Material flow optimisation
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Quality improvement
  • Delivery reliability improvement
  • Introducing of Health & Safety program
  • Introducing of target agreements